By Paul Barrett
Author - Success Coach - Seminar Instructor

Please Note: This is not the Financial Wisdom Seminar. The Creating Wealth Seminar is a special advanced seminar for individuals who truly desire getting rich. For most people this is not a worthy pursuit. To attend this seminar you must graduate from the Financial Wisdom Seminar.

Before thinking about taking this course, it is suggested that you view the following video. This is Paul in1995 warning about concentrating on money alone.

Creating Wealth Seminar

Do you Want to Get Rich?

Do you want to become Wealthy?

Do you want to become a Millionaire?

Getting rich is not difficult. Anyone can get rich. The hard part is doing it fast. The faster you want to become wealthy the more difficult it becomes. Anyone can get rich if you gave them a hundred years to do it. Just invest dollars at percent and you will be rich in 100 years. Its easy. But let's say you want to be rich in a year. That means you must earn quite a bit of money really fast. Now that is much more difficult. In fact, this is what causes so many people to fail.

Not understanding how long it will take you to be rich is a downfall that destroys the wealth dreams of most people. Another factor is the amount of money people aim for. Everyone aims too high in the beginning. In Financial Wisdom, I show you how to re-calibrate your perceptions of wealth. This one step is critical to becoming wealthy or a millionaire.

I am telling you that you can be rich over night. In fact, you can get rich instantly, but its not likely. On the other hand, if you set a reasonable length of time and re-calibrate your perceptions of wealth, you can actually get rich very quickly. Most people however, never understand these basic principles. As a result they fail to ever achieve any level of wealth.

I have created many multimillionaires. They were not necessarily special or unique individuals. They were ordinary people who were willing to learn and apply principles of wealth on a consistent basis. Being consistent and persistent is another critical factor to becoming wealthy. Let me show you how to create wealth, create equity, how to take advantage of business opportunities and real estate investments.

There are hundreds of seminars trying to show you how to get rich. Most fail. They only show you a program, that has worked for a few people. Unfortunately, you can't always fit into their program. For example, getting rich in real estate. The principles can work. But for most people they won't.

You need a custom approach that meets you where you are. Getting rich happens in steps. You need tobusiness build a foundation that can support your wealth creation plans. Without the foundation you will fail.

One of the most important changes to creating wealth is what happens within yourself. In your mind you must make many changes. You must change your attitudes, your self-image, you must believe you can do it, you must have discipline and perseverance, you must be open to opportunity, you must develop some simple business skills , and more. That is how you get rich. Fortunately, most of it is within your control. But most people would rather dream or fantasize about making money or getting wealthy.

If your desire is only to fantasize or dream, don't take this course. If you are willing to commit, if you are sure you truly desire to get rich, then you are reading this for a reason. You need to join our program. It's not for everyone. I don't promote it to everyone, just the few who know their destiny.


Creating Wealth
Do you have enough? Get More!

We know that the best things in life are free, but there are plenty of times when a little more cash would surely come in handy!

Do you need more money? Are you interested in creating wealth?

If you want to increase your wealth, you need to attend the Creating Wealth Seminar’Ѣ.

Creating wealth is about attitude and energy. With a positive attitude and a higher level of energy it's possible to create a magnetic force that can draw wealth into your life.

Through the thoughts you think and the energy you project, you create your reality as well as the level of your wealth. Unfortunately, most people are unable to sustain a positive attitude or a high enough level of energy to create the life or the wealth they desire.

Living with day to day worries and concerns, most individuals are easily distracted. As result, they fail to concentrate on a wealth creating strategy. With a lack of intent, their attitude turns negative, and the level of their energy spirals downward. The only thing they draw into their life is more negativity.

If you want to create wealth in your life, you have to reverse the negative flow of energy and create a magnetic field that draws wealth to you. For most individuals this is not easy. What I have discovered is that there is a hidden force that sabotages most of our efforts -- this force, I call the hidden enemy.

The hidden enemy will attack you on a subconscious level. Not only will it destroy your ability to create wealth, it will also destroy your health and happiness. Until you confront and conquer this enemy, you will be stuck in a negative energy vortex.

The hidden enemy is essentially a subconscious sabotage mechanism that can be countered with a hidden power that lies at your command. Most individuals, unfortunately, do not know how to tap their hidden power and overcome the hidden enemy.

As a success coach, I have helped create millionaires and work with wealthy individuals to improve the quality of their lives. I have helped thousands of people create wealth. My job is to help you overcome the hidden enemy and to tap your hidden power. To help you succeed, some of the techniques I use include: Emotional Response Programming, money management concepts, and nutritional supercharging. Not only will these techniques help you create wealth they will help improve all areas of your life.

Are you ready to create wealth? Then please join me for an exciting program of health, wealth, and happiness.

Creating Wealth Seminars

* Introduction to Creating Wealth - 3 hours only $50
* Intermediate Wealth Building - Saturday 6 hours - only $100
* Advanced Wealth Principles - 20 Sessions - only $275

Creating Wealth is special Financial Wisdom Seminar designed for those individuals seeking to dramatically increase their net worth . All seminars offer a Money Back Guarantee.

In the Creating Wealth Seminar we will work on developing your wealth conscious and discovering the hidden golden opportunity that will draw you into the realm of abundance. Every person has a prosperous destiny they need to fulfill.

P.S. Is your energy blocked? Are you sabotaging yourself? Wealth is energy. If your flow of wealth creating energy is blocked, or you are sabotaging yourself, you may need help recharging yourself. Let me teach you how to create wealth -- let me lead you to prosperity.

Your Success Coach,
Paul Barrett

Let Paul Barrett, author of Financial Wisdom, Business Consultant, Director of the IFI, Success Coach, teach you how to create wealth.