In God's Hands

The horrific events on September 11, 2001 have changed our lives forever. All of us at the Institute extend our sympathy to the families who lost loved ones, and to all those who are injured and suffering. This is a time of trials and tribulation. We pray that God blesses and protects our great nation and its people. We place our future and safety in God's hands.

Yes, this is a time of uncertainty, sadness, confusion, and fear. It is a time of tragedy. But what we have found is that tragic times can do one or two things. They can either make us stronger and more determined to win, or they can defeat us and cause us to quit. If you are determined to push forward, then this tragedy can be a time to get you back on track and heading in the right direction. It is a time to regroup, a time to analyze and a time to make new plans. It is a time to start appreciating life and living wisely. It is a time to draw closer to our family, friends, and our God. It is a time for us to take action to fulfill our purpose for our lives, but also to remember that our future is ultimately in God's mighty hands.

During economic good times, which we have had in the past several years, people have a tendency to take things for granted. They also live foolishly and waste their precious resources. The truth is, good times should be a time to build our wealth. Good times should be a time to save money and invest in our future. Good times are not a time for reckless spending.

We must realize that our economy is always in a cycle of change. Good economic times are always followed by tough times. We must always be prepared. If you are not a member, but you are ready to change the course of your life by living wisely, then it is time to join the IFI.

Since 1985 we have been teaching people to handle their finances in a wise manner. We sell the book Financial Wisdom, conduct Financial Wisdom and provide a free email newsletter.

Tough times are here and things may get tougher. Be prepared. Get wisdom now!

Our Financial Wisdom Seminar offers wealth and success stategies to help you:

Increase Wealth, Obtain Financial Security, Become Prosperous, Manage Your Investments, Get out of Debt, Become Financially Independent, Save Money of Major Purchases, Create Health and Happiness.

It's time for you to make a choice and start living wisely. It's time to prepare for the future! Do it with wisdom.

A Time to Get Wise

What if you were laid off? What would you do? Are you confused? Are you unsure of what the future will bring? Are there too many people offering advice? Are you thinking of buying a house or car? Are you thinking of selling your house? Are you confused about where to invest and what to do with your money? Are you in debt? Do you want to get out?

Tough times are here and things may get tougher. Be prepared. Get wisdom now!

The IFI - Since 1985 -Guiding people Wisely



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Money Saving Strategies

Success Principles

In response to 9-11-2001 we are offering a special program "IFI Member Special" at an unprecidented price. We want to help you prepare for the future.

IFI Member Special

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