The Quick View process

The Quick View is an overall evaluation of your company. The purpose is to identify weak areas and to offer recommendations to solve a problem or to improve the profitability of your organization..

One of our consultants will evaluate each area of your company and grade those areas using our proprietary analysis forms. Once this process is completed, you will be given a complete report grading and evaluating your company weakness and strengths. The report will also offer suggestions for improving your business.

Because you are so close to your business, your vision becomes myopic. You are unable to see the forest for the trees. Day in and day out your company struggles along in the same rut and you do not know why. Perhaps your competition has expanded and moved ahead and is generating tremendous profits while your business has stagnated. Being so close to your business it is often difficult to access the "why's". "Why" has the competition outpaced your company? "Why" can't you bring your company to the next level? The "why' questions will continue until a company becomes another statistic.

There are clear-cut reasons why so many companies fail - why 9 out of 10 businesses will not exist. Let us expose those hidden weaknesses that may be plaguing your organization.

Often a business owner has identified a significant weakness in his organization. He may have identified it years prior. Unfortunately, he may never have acted to make changes and his awareness of the problem has since faded away. When a consultant comes on board and points out the weakness, the owner will often be willing to make changes. At this point the company moves forward.

Our expertise will help you view your company from a new perspective and shine a new light on the dark recesses of your organization. Let us expose the weak areas and offer valuable solutions. You have everything to gain and very little ot lose.

Take this bold step forward and move your company into the new mellenium with confidence. Take your ocmpany to the next level and leave your competition behind.

The complete cost of the
Quick View process is only $250

You owe no further obligations.

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IFI Business Consultants

Quick View™

Cost Effective
One Fee Covers the Whole Process

  • Develop a New Perspective
  • Gain Valuable Insight
  • Marketing Tips and Strategies
  • Organizational Skills
  • Improve your Corporate Image
  • Strategic Planning
  • Employee Motivation
  • Alternative Financing Sources
  • Business Plans
Ready for the next step?

Want to Move Forward?

Now it's easy and cost-effective to employ the skills of an IFI Business Consultant.

The Quick View™ is an overall view of your business from an outside perspective without costing you an arm and a leg. Because we are Small Business Specialists, we understand your situation and want to help. We know what it feels like to need help but the cost does not fit into the budget. We know what it's like to second guess yourself and wonder if you made the right decision. Through experience we know the challenges faced by the small businessman.

Today's businessman knows his specific niche but doesn't always know how to implement advanced business principles or how to bring his business to the next level. He doesn't always know how to solve a particular problem. He doesn't always know what ails his company. We have found that one suggestion can be worth thousands of dollars in profits. One recommendation may save your company.

Specializing in Small Business



Real Estate

Auto dealers new and used

Professional organizations CFPs, doctors, attorneys


High-tec Ventures

Looking for:

Turnaround situations

Companies that have franchise potential

Businesses ready to expand nationally

Companies in need of financing

Equity positions may be acceptable

Alternative Financing
Raising Capital
Employee Relations
Strategic Planning
Cost Reduction

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Fortune 500

We will consult with Fortune 500 companies specifically in the following areas:

• Turnaround Situations • Mergers and Acqusitions

•Employee Relations • Product Development

• National Marketing

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