Out of Debt Seminar and Workshop

Getting out of Debt

Get bill collectors off your back
Get out of debt now! Attend our seminar and learn how to start a new life debt free.

* Dealing with Creditors * Budgeting * Credit Cards

* Mental stress and strain * Rebuilding your credit

* Bankruptcy * Debt Reduction

Get Out of Debt Painlessly

* Discover the root causes of your debt.

* Psychological Factors

* Learn how to pay pennies on the dollar.

* Learn the best methods for saving money on your major purchases

* Dealing with creditors

* Don't let creditors violate your rights.

* Learn the truth about Credit Counseling and Debt Consolidation companies.

Credit Repair!
Let us show you how to
repair your credit without paying a fortune!

Learn a simple, easy wayto budget your money


Asset Protection Secrets
Secret methods for protecting your assets from creditors, litigation, and others.

Caution: beware of debt consolidation and credit counseling! Why do you think credit card companies want you to work with credit counselors? You may be offering information that will incriminate yourself and be used in a court of law. Take our seminar or consult with an attorney before going to credit counseling or taking a debt consolidation loan!

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