Learn how to form an IFI Inner Circle that can lead to a powerful life.

It covers the concepts and principles behind the Inner Circle's power.

Discover how you can meet and develop new friends who are sincere, supportive and loving people.

Be a part of an Inner Circle and enjoy the benefits of group power.

The IFI Inner Circle

Your Key to Power

IFI Inner Circles are groups of individuals who have joined together to support and enhance each other's lives.

There are instances of various cultural groups that have been supportive of individuals. Some examples include:

* Korean businessmen form groups of 5 or more in order to buy a business. Five business men will get together and buy the business most likely to succeed. Once the business is successful they purchase another. In time they each own their own business. This gives them economic power they could not afford on their own.

* Jewish people are known for making money. One of their secrets is the sharing of financial resources. When a person in their inner circle needs financing he will have the money. They have a tight knit community that is supportive, accepting and loving. Seldom do you find this in gentile communities.

* Learn about an Italian neighborhood where people were so loving that it reduced stress to the point where they beat all the averages for health and happiness. In this instance the whole neighborhood was an inner circle support group.

* The original Christian Church was a community of spiritual support and love. Many of the traditional Christian foundations have been destroyed over the years to the point that church is an occasional event that lasts for one hour on Sunday. Years ago, Christians were a part of an inner circle of love, kindness, and brotherhood.

Forming or joining an IFI Inner Circle can be one of the most intelligent things you ever do. It can be your Key to Power!

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