Financial Independence

Everyone talks about being financially independent. Practically every financial Planners advocates it. Yet, few people will ever actually achieve the longed for title of "financial independence."

One reason people never reach the goal of financial independence is often the fault of unprofessional Financial Planners. Too often, in their commission inspired greed, they promote the belief that a small investment in the stock market will achieve financial independence. Although the stock market is a great place to invest your money, the truth is, the stock market will not make you rich or financially independent unless you learn how to invest and you have enough money to invest.

A small monthly investment might add a commission to your financial planner's or stock broker's wallet but will do little to help you achieve financial independence. We are not saying that you should not bother investing if all you have is a few dollars. We are only saying that in order to achieve financial independence, especially before retirement age, you may have to invest substantially more that you expect.

In the Financial Wisdom book and seminar, we help you determine how much money you need to reach your goal of financial independence.

Another downfall for those seeking financial independence are the "get rich quick real estate infomercials." Although there are some legitimate programs, we estimate that less than 1 in a hundred persons can make the programs work. The reason most people fail is that it is not as easy as they claim. The fact is, there are not countless low price properties ready to be scooped up for pennies on the dollar. Investing in real estate is a powerful method for achieving financial independence. It just does not work as easy or as fast as the infomercials claim.

The majority of individuals who have become financially independent, whether they did it by owning real estate or their own business, worked long hard hours, and persevered through difficult times. They were committed to making money. Many successful entrepreneurs were obsessed with making money.

The question is, how can the average individual become financially independent?

We have a plan for financial independence that will work for everyone. The strength of our program is that it is not one dimensional. Our program includes, stock market investing, real estate investing and entrepreneur programs. We show you how to find the plan that will make you financially independent.

Wealth Secrets
Discover the wealth building principles that will help you achieve financial independence.

We recommend every approach to financial independence available, including self-employment, real estate, stock market, net working and lifestyle adjustments.

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and independence.

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