Asset Protection

Lawsuits are occurring at alarming rates. Protect Yourself!

Advanced methods for protecting your assets from creditors.

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Offshore Ownership

Learn about: • Offshore Trusts
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The time to protect your assets is prior to a lawsuit or divorce. If you attempt to transfer assets after you have been sued, it is considered an illegal conviance and will carry civil and criminal penalties.

There are many ways to protect your assets from creditors, lawsuits, the IRS, and greedy ex-spouses. Generally the most powerful methods will employ the use of offshore trusts.

The surprising fact is, you do not have to be wealthy to take advantage of an offshore trust. If employed properly an offshore trust can bulletproof your assets from being confiscated through a court order. In those rare instances when offshore accounts have failed, settlement is for pennies on the dollar. The importance of properly setting up you trust cannot be overemphasized. Another consideration is knowing who you can trust.

Besides offshore trusts, there are countless other techniques for protecting your assets. One is to choose a state of incorporation that allows ownership privacy.

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