Dear Friend,
My name is Paul Barrett and I want to share with you something that could greatly benefit your life.

In 1991, I wrote the book Financial Wisdom. Since then, it has helped thousands of readers.

Readers who were deeply in debt, have gotten out and stayed out. Others, through money making opportunities, have become financially independent. No matter what your financial condition, you can benefit from reading this simple, easy to read book.

Financial Wisdom doesn't promise more than it can deliver. It's not about getting rich in real estate, government auctions, or any other far out and unrealistic get-rich-quick scheme. They seldom work. Instead, its a down to earth book for good and honest people who want to improve their lives. Even if it means a little work.

Financial Wisdom shows you how to master money to create a better life.

About Paul Barrett

Ģ Author of Financial Wisdom the IFIs best selling book on developing financial freedom and independence.

Creater of the Financial Wisdom SeminarѢ based on the book Financial Wisdom.

Financial Wisdom Seminar Instructor and Leader

Certified Public Accountant (retired)

Certified Financial Planner (retired)

IFI Business Consultant

Director of the Institute for Financial Integrity (IFI) since 1985

Developed ERP - Emotional Response Programming
ERP is the associative process of linking motivational imagery and emotions to the success response to enhance a positive result. ERP has been used successfully to create wealth, and overcome addictions, including tobacco and alcohol abuse.

Success Coach - how to succeed in financial and personal endeavors.

Wealth Consultant - helping create and develop wealth. How to manage the responsibility and stress of being wealthy.

Motivational Speaker - how to get what you want in terms of health, happiness, and prosperity.

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